Following the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in May 2016 and the successful re-election of Katy Bourne in Sussex, work on a new Plan has begun and will involve shaping, developing and designing community safety priorities which reflect accurately the expectations of the public.

The PCC has confirmed the four policing and crime objectives for 2017/21 as follows:


  • Strengthening local policing;

  • Working with local communities and partners to keep Sussex safe;

  • Protecting our most vulnerable and helping victims cope and recover from crime and abuse; and

  • Improving access to justice for members of the public.


The PCC is required to consider the views of the local community and victims of crime, views on these aims, outcomes and measures will be sought via public consultation and engagement. The consultation aims to assess the appropriateness of the four policing and crime objectives and 12 underpinning aims confirmed by PCC.