To reduce road related casualties especially killed and seriously injured, through engineering, enforcement, and education within the boundaries of the Horsham District.



  • Making people feel safer through education and awareness.


  • Improve risk awareness through review and renewal of statistical data to reinforce and shape delivery of road safety the Horsham District.


  • To increase the confidence and satisfaction levels reported by our communities.


  • Provide support for the local Community Speedwatch programs and promote the scheme to new areas.


  • Bikeability Cycle Training delivered into schools for ages 10-11.


  • Safer Vehicle Day - A multi-agency event aimed at ensuring that drivers and cars are equipped for autumn/winter driving.


  • Appointment of junior road safety officers to support school road safety officers.


  • Junior Citizen - An event for year 6 children across the District where input is delivered from multi-agency teams.


  • Education for new and pre-drivers delivered in a theatrical environment in an emotive and hard-hitting way, influencing behaviour and attitude on the roads.


  • Sussex Police offence diversion courses. Provide educational training sessions to selected Horsham District drivers/riders as an alternative to a fine and points when selected driving offences have been committed.


  • Mocktail Apprentice - empowering young people to explore safe, responsible alternatives to alcohol.