Tackling anti-social behaviour is a top priority for all agencies within the Horsham District Community Safety Partnership (CSP), and as such, there are strong processes in place that allow the police, district council, registered social landlords and other community groups to share information and work together to address the needs of victims and the community. Anti-social behaviour can blight people’s lives and as such we work hard to make sure that we respond appropriately and get things right.

The Community Trigger allows victims, communities and those acting on their behalf, such as local councillors, to request action from the relevant bodies if they feel that they have complained about anti-social behaviour or hate-crime but have not received appropriate service or resolution to their complaint.

The law requires the Relevant Bodies detailed above to work together to address anti-social behaviour complaints made under the Community Trigger process.

You can use the Community Trigger if you have reported three separate anti-social behaviour or a hate incidents in the last six months. Once we have received a request we will review the details of your case and, providing it meets the necessary criteria, we will be in touch within three working days. Your case will be reviewed and recommendations may be made to the appropriate agency as to how the case can progress. We will aim to report this to you within ten working days.

To make a request through the Community Trigger you will need to fill out a form detailing the case and your request will be considered. The form can be found online here. Or you can request a hard copy by phoning 01403 215124.