Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) covers a range of thoughtless, inconsideration activity, including criminal damage and public place violent crime, which has the potential to blight the quality of community life for all who live and work in Horsham District. (If you would like to participate in an ASB survey, the results will be published in April 2010)

When repeated over a period of time ASB can depress people's pride and confidence in their community, contributing to a sense of fear and vulnerability and if left unchecked can lead to more serious offences.

There are no excuses for ASB, but in many circumstances there are ways to prevent it from occurring. Responsible parenting, a broad range of local social and leisure facilities, respect for others and good community police support work must provide the background upon which progress can be made.

It is the function of the ASB Team (comprising two caseworkers and an administrator) to consider cases of anti-social behaviour where persons responsible have been identified. Depending upon the circumstances the ASB team have a broad range of options and partner organisations to call upon which include both support for people along with enforcement measures all designed to modify unacceptable behaviour. The following gives an overview of these support measures and enforcement.