Horsham District is a safe place to live and the Horsham Community Safety Partnership is working hard to ensure that it stays that way.

Reducing the number of incidents and victims of Anti-Social Behaviour is a key priority for the Community Safety Partnership. The dedicated Anti-Social Behaviour Team works closely with the Police and other agencies to reduce the number of incidents and victims of anti-social behaviour. The aim is to intervene as soon as people start coming to attention within local communities. Together they work to deliver appropriate enforcement and support to prevent anti-social behaviour escalating. The Team make regular referrals to specialist support services and also offer a range of interventions, particularly for young people, aimed at raising their awareness of the effect that their behaviour may have on others and the opportunity to change their pattern of behaviour.

In cases where the perpetrator persists to act anti-socially, the team will work with Police Officers to try and secure an Criminal Behaviour Orders.


The Anti-Social Behaviour Team can be contacted on 101 ext. 530233.