The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) as it exists today is the result of various pieces of legislation, not least of which is the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. The Various duties contained with the Act have been amended over the years and as such the CSP is required by law to have in place key elements to aid the performance of the various agencies who work together to reduce crime and disorder.

One such item and fundamental to the work of the CSP is an annual Partnership Plan. Before the start of each financial year members of the CSP develop a plan of activity which uses the information outlined in the strategic assessment in order that the partner agencies can target resources at areas including: crime and disorder, reducing re-offending, and combating substance misuse where we need to make improvements. The Partnership Plan outlines the specific steps to CSP will take to make changes to these key areas and progress against these targets is monitored throughout the year.

The 2014/15 CSP Plan for the Horsham District includes five areas of focus, although this additional activity is on top of ongoing work by agencies which forms part of daily business.

What is Communty Safety?

'The protection of everyone’s right to live without fear for their and other peoples safety' - National Community Safety Network definition.

‘Community Safety' is a complex issue. It is an outcome rather than a service, although it is strongly influenced by the quality of service delivery. Community safety relates to people’s sense of personal security and to their feelings of ease in the places that they live, work or spend leisure time. It affects how people value their neighbourhood, and is a major part of what makes a neighbourhood a good
or bad place to live’ - Community Safety Partnerships – Audit Commission 2002.